Environmental Concerns and Laws for Lawn Care

Early each spring homeowners start seeing ads and getting phone calls from lawn care companies that offer cheap treatments and huge discounts, which should make you stop and think ... then ask how much is being spent on my lawn.

The Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services requires by law that all pesticide lawn care businesses have a county business license, a pesticide business license, a pesticide applicator license and a certification fertilizer applicator license.

The Office of Pesticide Services defines products such as lime, Round-up, and fertilizer as being pesticides, as well as insecticides and herbicides. Homeowners should decide if they want lawn care or lawn maintenance. Only professionals with the appropriate licensures should apply fertilizer and pesticide applications. There are national and local lawn care services available. The size of the company is not important, but the training, reliability, and experience is. Your representative should be knowledgeable and answer your questions in a straight forward and concerned manner.

Homeowners share responsibility for the environment by choosing professional lawn services.